The increasing use of the Internet and of social media for the management of relational networks and for the search and sharing of data raises questions about the quality of the information provided to the user. Those navigating must be able to assess the quality of the data circulating in the “big web” and be able, therefore, to distinguish  between genuine and false information, knowing that the algorithms designed by the big players on the Web (search engines, social media sites, etc.) apply ad hoc filters to the search results. On this basis, the MIB (My Information Bubble) project was born, to give users practical help while surfing on the Internet.

The main objective of the MIB project is to return control of the reachability, authenticity, and relevance of the information available in Social Media and on the Web to the users. The objective will be achieved through the creation of an executable application on the most popular search engines and Social Networks, which is able to:

  • break down the automatic filtering of the data
  • identify false information, and
  • enable the user to dynamically personalize the search results.