14.01.2021 | virtual meeting
Internet governance

CENTR 4th Administrative webinar

Tour de Joie: We finally meet again soon, virtual meeting
22.12.2020 |

The brexit has arrived. for the moment, nothing has changed for .it

Starting from January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom will definitively leave the European Union, having completed the transition period that began last 31 January, becoming to all intents and purposes
17.12.2020 | Social Registro .it
Road Show

Piccole Medie Digitali Web Talk- THEATRE, SHOWS AND EVENTS

This seventh appointment will be focused on cultural events, so as to understand how the sector of live events can use digital to reach and serve new audiences, but also to inve
26.11.2020 | Social Registro .it
Road Show

Piccole Medie Digitali Web Talk - Freelancers and digital opportunities

During this sixth appointment, we will be talking about how freelancers can use digital tools to reach new clients, and invent original ways to offer their services.