The second Quarter .it issue 2016 is out!

Inside, the four past months - with events and news, the new portal on the agri-food sector and the updated data of the Ludoteca Registro .it - as well as some previews on projects and future events. A rich issue, with two new sections: a “focus” on the new Registrars’ contract and “news from abroad” on the Net Neutrality and Centr (Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries) contribution to this topic, on the sentences of the European Court of justice and on the last developments of the Iana Transition.

.it Quarter n.1 2016

A very rich new Quarter the first 2016 edition. Many news and events: among them a detailed report of the Italian Internet Day. Furthermore: the new Registrar contract, "Ludoteca Registro .it” numbers and mini-marketing course. And some small news about Registry.

Quarter .it n. 3

Numbers and data, news and events, projects and presentations: the last issue of Quarter .it is out and, with the report of the last term, closes the year 2015 of the Italian Registry
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