The head of the Registro .it among the Government's Artificial Intelligence consultants


Marco Conti is officially part of the restricted 'Artificial Intelligence National Strategy Working Group', nine Italian experts, five women and four men, tasked with setting up the national Artificial Intelligence strategy, in partnership with the Ministry for Universities and Research, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition.

The effects of coronavirus on ".it" names: nearly 7thousand domains on the pandemic


Not only the pandemic strongly affected our daily life, changed our habits and lifestyles, but it also increasingly forced us to type words connected to the virus on our keyboards. The article published in Sole24ore summarises the data collected by the Covid-19 Domain Observatory of Registro .it and reports numbers, names, and rankings.

The new domotic and eco-sustainable home of Registro .it


The new headquarters of Registro .it were inaugurated in the CNR Pisa Research Area, which, for the first time, has its own "home" in the place where it was born about 33 years ago. The innovative structure, which will host about 70 researchers and collaborators of Registro .it, is among the best examples of public sustainable building, and has earned the classification of "Almost Zero Energy Building". This very high energy performance structure has already won the "2018 Sustainable Development Award", promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and Ecomondo.

The second quarter of 2021 of the Registro in the new online issue of Quarter .it


The Second Quarter of Registro .it has been published, reporting on the past 4 months (May-August), with data, new projects and events, to illustrate the opportunities offered by the Internet. Entrepreneurs and freelancers, students, parents and teachers are the main targets of the communication campaign (the first ones), to improve their business with an online presence, and the process of spreading digital "education" (the second ones) carried out by the Ludoteca project.

Registro .it on Rainews


The episode of “Futuro24” aired on November 30th, registered at the CNR headquarters in Pisa, “told the story” the .it Registry and some of the numerous activities and research of IIT.

In the broadcast there were interviews with: Domenico Laforenza, Giorgia Bassi, Filippo Lauria and Maurizio Tesconi.

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