IF2016: the festival on the Internet (and surroundings) is back!

The Internet Festival is coming back in Pisa on 6-9 October, a four days’ marathon with an only theme: the “digital textiles”, metaphor of the virtual world and its rules, will provide a background during the kermesse with hubs, signals, and connections that influence and mix themselves with the social “textile”, the economy and information. As every year, the Italian Registry will be in the front line, in addition to the promotion of the festival and the presence within the Executive Committee, with important events as .itCup, the business competition of the Registro .it, and "Bootstrap", organised by Startupitalia and Registro .it.

Suspended Truths (online)

Giovanni Boccia Artieri studies the social and cultural transformations of the “social network society” and of participatory cultures. At Internet Festival 2015, we met with him at an event called “Verità sospese” (Suspended Truths). From hoaxes to half-concealed truths, the information that circulates on the Internet is ever-changing. It is the participatory control of the Net that allows us to dismantle false truths, to correct them and to fill in the missing information. News, legends, truths and common sense suspended in a continuous social dialogue.

Digital Scene

It was a big hit, as all the images testify: “Digital Scene”, the Registry’s space at Internet Festival 2015, where we hosted events dedicated to marketing, to copyright and the Net, to productive relationships between small, medium and large companies, to trade associations, start-ups, creative professionals and to the use of the Net as a space for children to play and to learn.

.itCup 2015

Training, selection, jury, prizes and winners: here’s the adventure of the fourth edition of the .itCup, Registro.it’s competition dedicated to startups.

Small-World Networks (Internet, Ingredients and Recipes): Interview with Marco Malvaldi

Oil, chilli, butter, saffron, eggs, flour, onions and so many more: these are the “hubs”, the culinary points of intersection, the few ingredients necessary for preparing innumerable recipes. The ingredients are really nodes that connect to recipes that already exist throughout the world and make it possible to develop new ones, which are actually interconnecting networks of data.

Internet Festival 2015

Internet Festival is back from 8 to 11 October; the title for the 2015 edition is “Space for the Digital Revolution.” “Digital Scene” is the space where Registro.it has organised 4 days of events on marketing; the Web and copyright law; productive relationships between small, medium and large companies, trade associations, start-ups, creative professionals, young people and global digital citizens; and recreational and educational uses of the web for children.
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