To become a Registrar one must take a validation test and sign a contract with IIT-Registro .it.  

The 2019-2022 Registrar Contract is set up as Standard Contract, in accordance with Article 1341 of the Civil Code, which is concluded by exchange of mail, with separate act of proposal and acceptance.

The proposal to contract is available on the Registry. it web site. The proposal is set up in the legal form of the public offer, in accordance with Article 1336 of the Civil Code. The proposal assumes a formal and substantial relevance as it is digitally signed by the Director of IIT - Registro .it and registered with the unique protocol number 0002869 dated 08/04/2019. 

Please download the proposal and have sight. If your intention is to finalise the upon mentioned contract you need to send the acceptance, which is considered a duplicate copy as an authentic reproduction of the proposal itself. The rights and obligations of both parties arise from the willingness to enter into contract, that corresponds to the completion of the exchange of the two unilateral acts.

The steps to follow to finalise the Registrar Contract are:

  1. download, examine and store the proposed contract which is digitally signed by the Director of;
  2. access the online prefilled form for the acceptance of the proposal;
  3. Registrars already accredited have to access with its own credentials whilst new users have to access as a new Registrar;
  4. fill in and verify the accuracy of data in the acceptance of the generated proposal;
  5. download the pdf version of the acceptance of the proposal without altering its contents;
  6. undersign the proposal with figurative PADES electronic signatures (Italian and foreign Registrars who possess a qualified electronic signature) by the legal representative of the Registrar Organization, or undersign it with holographic signatures (Italian and foreign Registrars who do not possess a qualified electronic signature);
  7. the acceptance of the digitally signed proposal must be sent via PEC (Italian Registrars) to or via email to Please note that the acceptance, sent via Pec as well as via email, cannot contain scanned signatures. The acceptance of the proposal with holographic signature and stamp must be sent by post to the address:

Registro .it
Istituto di Informatica e Telematica - CNR
Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 1
56124 PISA

Lastly, as a formal and substantive act, as foreseen in Article 13 Obligations of the Registrar of the Proposal to Contract, we ask you to fill in the Data Processing Register, by accessing the RAIN portal at the following menu item: Registrar Data, Data Processing Registry.


  • Payment of a one-off initial 2,200 euros + VAT.
  • Accreditation (payment of 300 euros + VAT).
  • Payment of initial "prepaid" fee required to start working: 4,000 euros + VAT (1000 transactions). For this payment, the Registry will invoice in advance.

Registration Tariffs

The Registry charges a Registrar 4 euros (plus VAT) for each of the following operations on .it domains and the domains:

  • Registration.
  • Change of Registrar.
  • Recovery from Redemption-period status.
  • The cost of yearly renewal is 3.30 euros. The cost that is charged corresponds to the annual maintenance fee of the domain.

Important communication: measures in support of the "Country System”

The National Research Council of Italy, in order to provide further support to the Country System in this serious emergency situation that is affecting the Italian and international landscape due to Covid-19, has approved the extension of the reduction a reduction from 4 to 3 euros in the tariffs specified in Article 20, paragraph 2, point I) of the IIT - Registro .it – Registrar Contract 2019-2022 for the 1 January 2021 – 30 June 2021 period.

The point I), paragraph 2 of art. 20, Tariffs for the maintenance of domain names in ccTLD .it and in SLD edu for the 1 January 2021 – 30 June 2021 period is amended as follows: "omissis...a) 3.00 (four/00) euros plus statutory VAT for each domain name registered and non-refundable; omissis..."


If you wish to become a Registrar and be able to register and maintain .it domains you have to pass an accreditation test freccia. This test entails performing specific operations, through your own client application, on the Registry's EPP server, and thus prove that you have the necessary technical skills to operate in synchronous mode.

To give you an idea of the test, the Registry provides a simulation platform on which you can test all the operations on domain names. A Registrar may also make use of technical helpdesk support and specific training courses organized by the Registry.

See also
Who can enter into a contract with the Registry?
Those entities that wish to be Registrars for third parties or for themselves can have a contract with the Registry only if they have a VAT number. A private individual only in possession of a tax code cannot have a contract with the Registry. A contract can, however, be stipulated with a public body.
Is it possible to send the contract into another language?
No. All forms must be sent in Italian:  English translations are available on the website of the Registry only for a better understanding of the text.
What are the bank details for bank transfer?
Bank transfers have to be made out to the C.N.R.:
c/c 218150 made out to the CNR "Incassi giornalieri da altre dipendenze"specify the reason for payment, for instance "provider/maintainer contract start up";
"payment of invoice No. X dated DD/MM/YYYY").
Bank name:
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, branch of Rome
branch no 6392
ABI 01005
CAB 03392
CIN "s"
IBAN code: IT75N0100503392000000218150