Tariff reduction on new registrations

At the time of Covid, Registro .it takes the field to support Italian companies in the ICT sector and reduces the registration fee of new ".it" domains

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Food and catering: the web talk on 23 September

Food, the future of catering between digital anda news business models is at the core of this second online appointment of "Piccole Medie Digitali"


Digitali per Caso second season

Registro .it continues its journey through Italy with Patrizio Roversi, who has become "digital by chance" for the occasion...

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What a digital world!

"What a digital world" is the animated series of Registro .it focused on the digital challenges that are transforming our society. Digital transformation of companies, increasingly global markets, new technologies, future scenarios. Check out it full episodes

La Scatola Lilla - ep. 7 second season

Patrizio Roversi will meet Cristina to understand how and why a small bookshop in Milan accepted the digital challenge.

Why is digital identity important?

Find out in the 1st episode of “What a Digital World” the new series of Registro .it dedicated to the challenges of the digital world

INTERNET OF THINGS: check out the internet that gets into everyday objects What does "internet of things" mean? Everyday objects are always more connected, but do we really know what this means?