In order to speak in an ironic and fresh way about IT terms, items and Web functioning, Registro has chosen to collaborate with CNR Edizioni’s “Comics&Science”, thereby entrusting drawings and comics with the task of making concepts that are usually difficult to explain and understand fun. 

The aim of the project is to contribute – in a fun, simple and engaging way – to the spread of the Internet culture, especially among young generations.

The adventures of “Nabbo and Linda”

“Nabbovaldo ovvero le stagioni a Internetopoli” (Nabbovaldo or the seasons in Internetopolis)

“Nabbovaldo, ovvero le stagioni a Internetopoli” (2017), written and drawn by Gabriele Peddes, is the comic-book adaptation of the story written by the class IC of the “Sandro Pertini” comprehensive school of Lajatico (PI), winner of the “.itContest” competition launched on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the first .it domain and based on the Internetopoli didactic app.

In the story, Internetopoli is the large Web city where ill-equipped Nabbovaldo, the alter ego of Calvino’s Marcovaldo, namely a naive boy caught between the dangers and opportunities of an anonymous metropolis of the ‘60s, goes in search of his fortune.  

Also in this case, the story is divided into seasonal episodes that describe Nabbovaldo’s gradual acclimatisation to the Web’s picturesque, albeit not always reliable environment: luckily, Nabbo meets and falls in love with Linda, who loves him back and teaches him how to navigate social networks, passwords and trolls.  

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Nabbovaldo contro i pc zombi (Nabbovaldo vs the zombie PCs)

“Nabbovaldo contro i pc zombi” (2018), namely the sequel to “Nabbovaldo, ovvero le stagioni a Internetopoli”, was drawn by Gabriele Peddes based on a screenplay by Giovanni Eccher. The context is the same as the first story, namely daily life in Internetopoli, but the theme is more specific: enter the threat posed by the terrible computer viruses known as malwares.

The dialectic between ill-equipped Nabbo and wise Linda is enriched by a third element, namely Nabbovaldo’s little cousin, who is visiting a large city without knowing its opportunities and risks. Due to a mishap (the failure to update an antivirus and the illegal streaming of a film), the puppies/PCs of Internetopoli go crazy and start giving their respective owners a hard time. Finally, the emergency subsides, and impulsive Nabbo is lovingly reprimanded by Linda, following the tradition of the best didactic fiction.  

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The Internet Issue

How and why was the Internet born? What are dominions? The original stories contained in the special Internet issue of “Misterius”, one of the cult creations of Leo Ortonali, namely the creator of Rat Man, and in Federico Berolucci’s “Avanti tutta!”, were created based on these and more questions and their respective answers.

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