Episode 3 - Internet of Thinghs

This third episode of Digital Tomorrow addresses the Internet of Things (IoT) with Paolo Barsocchi, principal investigator at the Institute of Information Science and Technology "Alessandro Faedo" of the CNR and Head of the Wireless Networks Laboratory of the CNR.

But what is the Internet of Things? In Italian, it can be defined as the Internet of objects, where "objects" are all those intelligent commonly used devices, which are the basis of the IoT. The IoT involves the use of technologies that allow any type of device to be connected to the Internet, creating a network of interconnected objects that exchange any type of information.

IoT can be applied to various sectors, such as Smart logistic for monitoring the supply chain through sensors and labels capable of storing digital data. In this area, it can be particularly useful in cold chain management, a much debated topic for the storage and distribution of vaccines against Covid.

In what other ways can the Internet of Things impact our lives? Find out in this episode!