Episode 1 - Changes in the digital experience post Covid-19

This first episode looks at the transformation of the digital environment and how this impacts B2B (Business to Business, i.e., companies that provide products and services for other companies) and B2C (Business to Consumer, i.e., companies that provide products and services for final consumers) companies.

The guests, Mr. Gianluca Diegoli, consultant of Registro .it, and Mrs. Ilaria Tabone, CEO of Molino Rossetto, spoke with Mr. Pepe Moder about the evolution of digital.

What is the role of digital in the ongoing change caused by the pandemic? What did the companies already operating digitally since 2020 face?

The registration data for .it domains reports strong growth in the March-May 2020 lockdown period. This data indicates that most companies faced choices and decisions they had never faced before. During those three months, digital was our only window on the world, but many companies did not have such a window. Many had to rethink, or even create from scratch, their online presence in order to ensure a unified and consistent brand experience, in some cases starting with the domain name itself.