Second season What a digital World

“What a Digital World”, the Registro .it web series dedicated to the challenges of the digital world that are changing the society we live in, is back with five new episodes, dedicated to new technologies, the digital transformation of companies and the opportunities of the Web. The protagonist of each episode is a complex theme that looks at the future scenarios of the Internet and directly involves businesses, professionals and citizens, with the aim of explaining it in a simple, short and even entertaining way.

The first video in the online series looks at the subject of 5G, an area of research that is constantly evolving and about which very little is yet known. 5G refers to a new generation of technologies and standards (following on from 2G, 3G and 4G) for mobile communication and the connection of the many objects in our daily lives (Internet of Things). The network is constantly changing and growing: experiments with this new mobile connection technology are ongoing, but the main feature of 5G is the variety of simultaneous connections, with high speed and very fast responses.

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