New 2022-2025 Registro/Registrar contract

The new contract for the three-year period 2022-2025 that Registrars must sign with the Registro is now available. Many new features have been introduced, starting from the registration and maintenance of "" domain names, through the obligation to sign the code of Conduct, to the cancellation of .it domains by Registrars upon request of the Registro, in case of "obviously incorrect" data and an untraceable Registrant.

Among the changes in this new version of the contract, it is worth highlighting the modification of the "Registration Form", which includes a specific section for the accuracy of the Registrant's data, which the latter shall approve during registration. And in this regard, the 2022-2025 contract provides for the introduction of a new software for data accuracy: a system, designed and created by the Registro, to detect any anomalies in Registrants' data and at the same time report them to the Registrars that manage the relevant domains, so that they can modify or potentially delete their associated domains.

Finally, the contract keeps the number of future assignees of a .it name unchanged, recognising the possibility of registering under the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .it to citizens, companies and residents of the United Kingdom after Brexit.

Below, in detail, all the changes of the new contract:

  • Deletion of domain names by Registrars: The Registrar may proceed with the deletion of a domain name, if it has received by the Registro .it a formal request concerning the inaccuracy of the data of the Registrant (assignee) of a given domain, and - due to manifestly incorrect data - has not been able to contact the Registrant itself;
  • The mandatory Code of Conduct (CoC): In order to sign the 2022-2025 Registrar Contract, the Registrar will be required to sign the CoC (Annex B): The Code of Conduct is a key document to guide the Registrar in its activities with the Registro .it;
  • Modification of the Registration Form: A specific section has been included concerning the "accuracy" of the Registrant's data, which shall be specifically approved by the Registrant when registering the domain name;
  • Regulations on personal data processing: sole proprietorships and freelancers will have to be classified as “EntityType 3”. Furthermore, the sole proprietorships will be able to express their consent to the disclosure of their data on the whois in the same way as natural persons;
  • United Kingdom and Brexit: anyone with citizenship, residence or registered office in the United Kingdom may formally register a domain name with the Registro .it;
  • The Registro .it grants the Registrar the non-exclusive right to perform for third parties, or subordinately for itself, the services of registration and maintenance of domain names in the SLD This possibility will be activated during the Registrar Contract 2022-2025 and notice will be given to Registrars via the email list and the news will be published on the Registro website (;
  • Data accuracy software: The Registro .it has designed and implemented a system to detect any anomalies in Registrants' data and report them to Registrars for their verification of accuracy, correction or possible deletion of domain names associated with that data;
  • Elimination of the Fax for communications with the Registro .it: The fax is no longer included among the means of communication provided for in the new contract. Anyone wishing to interact with the Registro may continue to do so: by traditional mail, to the address "Registro .it. Istituto di Informatica e Telematica del CNR, CNR - Area della ricerca, Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 1 - I-56124 PISA"; by certified e-mail to; through the helpdesk by e-mail to - and by phone to +39 050 313 98 11.

The Technical Guidelines specify the e-mail addresses to be used if certain registration operations require documentation to be sent to the Registro .it.

For Registrars, the helpdesk remains active via telephone at +39 050 9719811 and the helpdesk via email at and hostmaster