.it Quarter n.3 2021

An autumn full of activities and events for Registro .it, which always puts enterprises (SMEs) and online business at the centre of its communication. The 2021 season of Piccole Medie Digitali, a regular commitment, for some years now, to talk to medium and small enterprises about digital transformation and online business, as an opportunity for growth and investment, is coming to an end. And speaking of digital and future in this sector, from September to December, the Registro's podcast covered topics such as the Internet of "things", Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, up to the sixth episode that closed the year with the theme of Digital Brand Identity.

The pool of companies and freelancers is a large sector that deserves a lot of attention, not least because of the post-pandemic economic growth, but the Registro continues to dedicate space to the youngest, dedicating initiatives on cyber security, on how to properly use the digital devices and on how to stay protected from external "enemies" and cyber attacks. The video game is at the centre of the lessons and initiatives of the Ludoteca, which - with its experts - teaches young Internet users how to disentangle themselves from a virtual world, which they know more about than adults, but with lurking risks which they are not always prepared to combat. "Cybersecurity4Teens", Ludoteca's project for secondary schools, has also been created for the very young and to teach them about computer security, as part of the former school-work alternation scheme.   

Autumn is the period of the Internet Festival, which takes place in Pisa every year and which, once again, has dedicated space to every theme (direct or transversal) linked to the Web. The Registro, which is one of the creators and promoters of the Pisa event, fits fully into this context, speaking to businesses with the closing of the PMD 2021 season and the launch of "Presente Digitale", a portal for free online teacher training on digital and the Web.

Finally, the last quarter of the month reviews data and numbers on operational, technical and legal statistics. The .it domains continue to grow, reaching a total of almost 3.5 million, with a slight decrease compared to 2020, when the "pandemic" domains had marked an "unusual" increase, with a break from the numbers of annual growth, which had not occurred in a few years.

Happy reading!