The Ludoteca of the Registro .it and IT security: the event "Are we safe? At school of cybersecurity" will be held in Rome, with over ten experts in digital culture and cybersecurity, including professors and entrepreneurs, to guide students and teachers on the opportunities and risks associated with active digital citizenship and the evolution of cybersecurity. The event, organised and promoted by the Ludoteca and curated and moderated by Giampaolo Colletti, journalist and storyteller, will lead to the drafting of the Manifesto, a decalogue on digital security.

Speakers at the meeting will include: Anna Vaccarelli, (Chief Technologist at the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the CNR in Pisa and Head of External Relations of Registro. it), Matteo Flora (CEO of The Fool), Alessandro Bencivenni (professor and active on social networks with the nickname @profdigitale), Mirta Michilli (General Manager of Fondazione Mondo Digitale), Matteo Uggeri (expert in e-Learning and learning innovation), Barbara Strappato (Director of Division 1 of the Postal Police), Guido Scorza (member of the Italian Data Protection Authority), Nicola Palmieri (co-founder of Docety), Fabiana Andreani (tiktoker with the nickname @fabianamanager), Elia Bombardelli (mathematics professor and prof Youtuber), Sandro Marenco (author of the book "Dillo al prof" - Salani Editore) and Andrea Plazzi (translator, essayist, Italian editor and editor of "Le avventure di Nabbo e Linda").

In the morning, a space will be dedicated to students, some of whom will be present and some connected remotely. Specific training modules will be dedicated to them, alternated with lighter moments. In the afternoon, the focus will be on teachers. The meeting includes a mainly educational part and a playful and entertaining part. The reports will alternate according to the format of the "talk", all interpolated with dynamics of comparison in view of gamification.

During the event, there will be the launch of the Manifesto with the Decalogue for the connected school, a guide with the ten main rules for surfing aware and safe. The Manifesto will involve not only students and teachers present in the hall and connected online during the event, but all the actors of the research and digital ecosystem.

The drafting of the Decalogue will be developed over time, through a series of in-depth e-talks, and will see its final presentation on 6 October at the Internet Festival in Pisa, following a hackathon with teachers, students, researchers and digital experts.