The Second Quarter of Registro .it has been published, reporting on the past 4 months (May-August), with data, new projects and events, to illustrate the opportunities offered by the Internet. Entrepreneurs and freelancers, students, parents and teachers are the main targets of the communication campaign (the first ones), to improve their business with an online presence, and the process of spreading digital "education" (the second ones) carried out by the Ludoteca project.

Internet is a precious resource, to be used to the full in the company, at school or at home, by learning about all the advantages, which many still ignore, and the digital future (just around the corner) that it offers. This has been the aim of the Registro .it - even in the last four months - which has continued to communicate and disseminate information and, in July, even launched its first podcast entitled "Digital Tomorrow", in which it discusses the different topics of the digital world, which have already changed and will increasingly change our future, such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, 5G and artificial intelligence.

The free Web Talks series developed by Registro .it, "Piccole Medie Digitali" 2021, has not ended yet: dialogues and interviews on the importance of the metaphorical "window on the world", starting from companies and freelancers who can improve and optimise their business and relaunch it even in times with such narrow boundaries, such as those we are experiencing due to the pandemic, where the Internet has continued to be an opportunity even when we physically could not go to work.

However, while business activities are important, the process of dissemination in schools with the Ludoteca has not stopped, with the aim of "educating" everyone in the good use of the Net, with awareness of the opportunities, but also of the risks to be known and avoided. In this context, apart from a new series of webinars, new multimedia products and new projects have been devised, such as the cycle of graphic animations "Carpe digital", dedicated to basic topics of the world of the Internet and the Web, and a column entitled "Cyber Care", entirely dedicated to cybersecurity, which is the leading theme of the Ludoteca project of Registro .it.

In this issue, you can read about all this and much more, along with the usual statistical data, upcoming events and news from around the world, and of course, a special preview of the upcoming Internet Festival 2021, which will take place both in presence and online. The keyword #Phygital, summarises the moment we are living in, a new world, in between, where the limit of what is real and what is virtual is lost.

Enjoy your reading!