Not only the pandemic strongly affected our daily life, changed our habits and lifestyles, but it also increasingly forced us to type words connected to the virus on our keyboards. The article published in Sole24ore summarises the data collected by the Covid-19 Domain Observatory of Registro .it and reports numbers, names, and rankings.

The epidemic outbreak visibly spread throughout the Web, which recorded an increase in registrations for a specific category of domains; more specifically, the year 2020 recorded 6,615 new ".it" sites on this topic, all of them recalling the Sars-Cov2 in their name.

The Covid-19 Domain Observatory of Registro .it prepared an inventory of this category of names which also made a ranking of most used words: “covid” ranks first (1,369 occurrences), followed by “mask” (956), “covid19” (873), “coronavirus” (735) and “mascherine” (masks) (640). Meanwhile, as for the monitored websites, the 5 most used words are “mascherine” (masks) (20,116 occurrences), “mascherina” (mask) (15,742), “coronavirus” (13,563), “covid-19” (10,429), and “virus” (8,956).

Lombardy (1,514 Covid websites) and Lazio (906) Regions show the highest number of registrations for covid-based ".it" domains, which also reflects at a Province level for Milan and Rome.