The first 2020 Quarter .it collects the first 4 months of the year, seen through the magnifier of Covid-19, telling how the pandemic and the consequent lockdown have changed the traditional ways to work and the studies of interest, even at Registro.

In the first case, in addition to smart working, used to carry out the office activities, the educational offer of the Ludoteca of Registro .it, for example, turned into distance teaching, with tutorial videos, live webinars and paper material. In the second case, on the other hand, the Observatory of the Registro's Systems and Technological Development Unit was created to tell us about the increase in registered .it names, of which over 4,000 are related to coronavirus. While many of these names offer areas of interest, study and utility, many others may have been disingenuously registered, for resale or cybercrime: in the latter context, Registro .it, in collaboration with national and international authorities and institutions, is monitoring Covid-themed Italian domains, and is carrying out studies and analyses.

Insights and much more in Quarter n. 1 of 2020.

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