The orientation and perception of digital and domain namesis the title of the statistical and sociological survey that the Registro, in partnership with Centro Statistica Aziendale, conducted on 1400 young people (1000 of which aged between 19 and 25, whereas the remainder aged between 16 and 18) by Mrs. Monica Nardis.

The survey was intended to investigate the Millennials’ sum of information and experience on domains, namely .it one, in order to understand their perception of cybersecurity, awareness of rights, duties and data protection and how they relate to the information on the Internet and social media (fake news, marketing, entertainment).

Anna Vaccarelli, Head of External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing Department of Registro .it states: “We were surprised because, for instance, the most people we interviewed know what a domain is. Surprisingly, young people are technologically safe, and they are perfectly at ease when they affirm that radios will no longer be a source of information, and that in ten years daily information will be more or maybe exclusively digital. Likewise, they “understate” the issue concerning fake news, which may damage their parents and public opinion, but not them

Read the complete press release on the survey results.