Piccole Medie Digitali - Roma, 6 June 2019

The training event dedicated to businesses arrives in central Italy, marking the fifth stop-over of Registro .it’s roadshow. In this event, the third sector will be discussed, one of the key topics of the Italian economy. As always, new experts and new success stories will be present, highlighting the strategies of digital marketing, with the objective of enhancing the awareness of opportunities within the digital transformation space and Internet insights on how to grow one’s online business to Italian businesses.

Registrars, the hosts of the event, will put their experience to use to those businesses and professionals in attendace, in order to enhance their awareness, to present useful services available on the Web and to offer essential advice on how to maintain an effective presence on the Net
The next two stop-overs will be: Modena - October 2019 (mechanical) and Monza – December 2019 (design).