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The space of Registro.it during Internet Festival 2019 was created in partnership with ‘Il Post’, online newspaper directed by Mr. Luca Sofri. For two days, Mr. Sofri and his newsroom brought a "real newspaper" on the stage of Officine Garibaldi, with press reviews, news, interviews and insights on the digital revolution, domain names, the Internet and its rules.
On stage, Mr. Marco Conti, the new Director of the Institute for Informatics and Telematics of the Cnr in Pisa and Responsible for Registro .it, interacted with the Director of ‘Il Post’ concerning the Internet, its origins and its future.

During the two-day marathon, different exponents of the journalism, the show business and the Internet met to discuss about our daily relationship with this tool that has been with us for thirty years, and that still generates many doubts.