On 5th April 2019 in Pisa, in the CNR Research Area, the Registro meeting, the annual meeting reserved for the Registrars, will be held.


Several are the topics scheduled, including some technical innovations, the presentation of the new contract and the final balance of the last ten years at the expiry of the mandate as director of the CNR-IIT - and consequently as Registro manager - of Domenico Laforenza.


Wide scope will be dedicated to communication and in particular to the new Registro campaign. Furthermore, for the first time, “Digitali per caso”, the web series with Patrizio Roversi on the digital success stories of entrepreneurs and freelancers who have chosen the .it, will be presented. The well-known television host, present at the event, has crossed Italy to tell us how the web is today fundamental, and how it offers new possibilities to those who want to launch their company beyond their territorial boundaries and broaden their horizons even abroad.

Roversi, during his speech, will talk with Marco Ferrazzoli, head of the CNR's press office.