Inquiry of Registro .it: youth and digital

'Direction and perception of digital and domain names’ is the title of the statistical and sociological enquiry of Registro .it, the register of names .it managed by the Cnr-Iit of Pisa, performed in partnership with the Center for Business statistics (Csa). Mrs. Anna Vaccarelli, responsible for the Foreign Affairs and Marketing department of Registro .it, and Mrs. Monica Nardis, from Csa, presented the outcomes of the research during the 2019 Internet Festival in Pisa.

The inquiry was carried out on a sample of 1400 young people (1000 of which aged between 19 and 25, the remaining aged between 16 and 18). The inquiry was aimed at understanding the information and experience of Millennials about domains, especially '.it', domains in order to assess their perception of cybersecurity, duties, rights and data protection, as well as understanding how young people deal with the information on the Internet and social media (fake news, marketing and entertainment).

The information on the Internet, according to the young people interviewed, is pluriform. They are always informed (27%) or maybe often (47%) thanks to the Internet (42%) and the social networks. In 10 years they expect the Web to be more used than now for information. (48%). The last information source is the radio (6%), which during the next ten 10 will be an always less used source of information (5%). According to the people interviewed, the information available on the Internet is the most reliable and is deemed pluriform (8.4%), complete (8.1%) and independent (8.0%), followed by the social networks. All the media are deemed sufficient, without prejudice to the television, which is not deemed independent enough (5.5%).