Who cares what they say, as long as they’re talking about you? The old adage seems to have lost its validity for good with the advent of the Internet and social networking. The Web listens, judges and remembers. Gossip no longer travels by word of mouth but by Smartphone. Listening to the public has become essential for anyone who wants to manage their reputation well. Four experts in the field – professionals, analysts and creative talents – share their point of view on the community as played out on the stage of the Web.

With Daniele Chieffi freccia, Matteo Flora freccia, The Jackal freccia and Mirko Lalli freccia

 Friday, 9 October 2015, 3:30pm, Teatro Lux – Piazza S. Caterina, 6 – Pisa

The Digital Scene programme can be found at www.internetfestival.it freccia