Giovanni Boccia Artieri studies the social and cultural transformations of the “social network society” and of participatory cultures. At Internet Festival 2015, we met with him at an event called “Verità sospese” (Suspended Truths). From hoaxes to half-concealed truths, the information that circulates on the Internet is ever-changing. It is the participatory control of the Net that allows us to dismantle false truths, to correct them and to fill in the missing information. News, legends, truths and common sense suspended in a continuous social dialogue.

Giovanni Boccia Artieri is an Ordinary Professor of Sociology of Digital Media and Internet Studies at the Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo and Vice-Director of the Centro LaRiCA (Laboratory of Research on Advanced Communications) at the Department of Communication Science and Humanities. He is president of the degree in Information, Media and Advertising and coordinator of the Doctorate Programme in Sociology of Communication and Performing Arts.


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