This is the concept behind the event “Small-world networks to capture great cooking”, held during Internet Festival 2015 with a special guest: writer Marco Malvaldi of Pisa.

“Even the Internet, just like cooking” says the writer, “is a network of data: the recipes and the Net share the same characteristics; they are the so-called ‘small-world’ networks, which have a limited number of ‘hubs’, or intersections, with an enormous number of connections (routers and servers, in the case of the Internet; salt, oil, chilli and water in the case of cuisine. From the ‘hubs’, you can reach any place in the world.”

“A recipe for a dish is never a mere lifeless list of ingredients,” continues Malvaldi. “Behind it there are instructions, explanations, warnings and, perhaps, a dash of humour.”

“What matters, when it comes to cooking and recipes,” concludes the writer, “is never forgetting those who don’t have food and don’t have the resources to feed themselves.”