.it celebrates its three-millionth domain name, which puts it in sixth place among the country code top level domains in the European Union and ninth worldwide. But 33% of micro enterprises still don't have an internet domain. The domain "abbigliamentoludica.it" goes down in .it Registry history as the three-millionth.

In the nearly thirty years since the birth of the .it Registry over three million "Made in Italy" domains have been registered. The name that took .it over the line and became the first on the new "millionaire" list, was www.abbigliamentoludica.it from Eboli in the province of Salerno.

This record confirms the importance of the Research Department of the CNR of Pisa in the history of the Italian internet; the very first Italian domain, "cnuce.cnr.it", was registered in December, 1987, by CNUCE, an institute of the CNR of Pisa.

In 2005, the one-millionth domain registration was reached with "lucavullo.it", assigned to a private citizen, a student of music and performing arts in Bologna. Five years later, in 2010, the number of domains had doubled to two million with "light-stone.it", requested by a company from Acqualagna (Pu).




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