The .it Registry Ludoteca has been touring Italy since 2 March, celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the first .it domain name! Also on this occasion in Pescara the Ludoteca, together with its young internauts, will explore the functions, problems and opportunities associated with the world of Internet.

The Roadshow is crossing Italy, from north to south, with a tour including 5 stages. The Ludoteca set out from Turin, on 2 March, stopped in Udine on 23 March and has its third stage in Pescara on 20 April. The journey will keep going for the 3/4 May date in Lecce and 11 May in Rome. It will be crossing the finishing line on 23 May with a final party in Pisa, in the CNR Research Area.

The next 20 April event in Pescara is at the Aurum - Sala Flaiano (Largo Gardone Riviera, Pescara). The day’s programme, as always, is split between a morning session with a laboratory for the primary school children, whilst the afternoon will be dedicated to adults. The afternoon has a workshop on the possible teaching applications of the Internetopoli app and a panel on the digital world and its implications regarding the school and world of youngsters, aimed at both teachers and parents.

In particular the afternoon programme includes:

  • An introduction to the Web App Internetopoli and to the activities of the Registry Ludoteca (by the Ludoteca staff).
  • Everyone connected. A guide to digital awareness - Sonia Montegiove (Publishing Director of Tech Economy).
  • Cyberbullying and network risks: what do we know and what can we do? - Giovanna Tambasco (Department of Science Education and Psychology of Florence University).
  • Safe on the Web: navigation tools for youngsters - Giuseppe Augiero (CNR Pisa, expert on ICT security).
  • Sick connections. The school getting involved - Ada Grillantini (School head, Istituto Comprensivo Pescara 6).

Turin counted 74 pupils of the ‘Vittorino da Feltre’ Primary school who joined us for the morning session (3 hours of activities!) of games, cartoons and crosswords on the Web. The panel discussion of the afternoon session was aimed at teachers and parents and was on the relationship between youngsters and the digital world. The panel included the sociologist Giovanni Boccia Artieri, researcher Eleonora Pantò, psychologist Ersilia Menesini and security expert Giuseppe Augiero.

In Udine 130 pupils of the primary schools of Udine (‘Toppo Wassermann’, Istituto Comprensivo 5, ‘Zardini’, Istituto comprensivo 4, "E. Girardini", Istituto Comprensivo 6) and Trieste (‘Umberto Saba’, Istituto Comprensivo Roiano Gretta) brought the morning session of the Ludoteca to life in no uncertain terms! The session for adults saw some new faces and themes on the panel dedicated to the digital world and the future with Simone Puksic (President of Insiel S.p.A.), building bridges to beat the ‘digital divide’ with Oriana Cok (Thinker, manager and entrepreneur of Gruppo Pragma and Intoote, in the Area Science Park in Trieste) and Cyberbullying with Giovanna Tambasco (Department of Science Education and Psychology of Florence University) and Giacomo Trevisan (Association M.E.C.). Also there was the not-to-be-missed session of Giuseppe Augiero (Ftgm-CNR) on Web security.

Follow us on our journey of discovery of the digital world for primary school pupils and adults (parents and teachers). Arriverderci till Pescara!