The it. Registry Ludoteca Roadshow will get under way on 2 March, starting from northern Italy. This year the Registry is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first registered .it domain name.

In the first leg of the tour in Turin the morning will be dedicated to children, focusing on a games workshop and the Internetopoli Web App, the knowing use of the Internet and the discovery of digital technologies.

The afternoon session will be aimed at adults, teachers and parents, with a discussion panel containing exceptional guests, such as Giovanni Boccia Artieri (President of the School of Communication Sciences of the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”), and Eleonora Pantò (CSP Education Program Manager). Every leg of the Roadshow will see the participation of Ersilia Menesini, from the Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology of the University of Florence, and Giuseppe Augiero of the CNR of Pisa, an IT security expert.

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