"Let's Bit!" in Albania

“Let's bit!” is a peer education project of the Registro .it Ludoteca which connects two generations of digital natives: second-grade school students and primary school children. Respectively, the first group - trained and supported by the Ludoteca staff - instruct the younger pupils on the mindful and correct use of the Internet.

On 25, 26 and 27 September the Ludoteca of (www.ludotecaregistro.it) took Let's Bit! to Albania in the bilingual Italian-Albanian section of "Liceo 28 Nentori" High School in Scutari.

There were three days of training to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to become Web educators, discussing how the Web works, its history, organization and opportunities to be exploited online.

This was all done using the web app Internetopoli. The students followed the lessons with interest and enthusiasm, also thanks to their excellent level of spoken and written Italian.

On the 25th the Ludoteca was received by the Italian ambassador of Tirana Alberto Cutillo in order to present the project, talk about the “digital school” and compare the Italian and Albanian situations.




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