The .it Registry's Ludoteca is taking a tour of Italy to celebrate thirty years since the first .it name! For the occasion, the Ludoteca has decided to join with young internauts to explore the workings, problems and opportunities of the world of the internet.

The Roadshow will traverse Italy from North to South, on an itinerary with 4 stops.

The city that kicked off this traveling project was Turin, on 2 March. Lots of young internet users (74 children from the 'Vittorino da Feltre' primary school) participated in the morning session (3 hours of activities!) with games, cartoons and crossword puzzles about the internet. The afternoon panel session featured exceptional speakers, addressing teachers and parents on children's relationship with the digital world, with sociologist Giovanni Boccia Artieri, researcher Eleonora Pantò, psychologist Ersilia Menesini and security expert Giuseppe Augiero.

All the Roadshow's stops will be a great opportunity to promote the .itContest, the new competition for schools, open to children in all grades of primary school and in the first year of middle school. Students must write a composition on .it names, digital identity, online presence, enhancing the "Made in Italy" brand through .it, and all the changes that the internet has brought into our lives. To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the .it Registry, the .itContest will donate one thousand euros to the winners' school for the purchase of teaching technology.

The next stops planned are Udine on 23 March, Pescara on 20 April and Lecce on 4 May.

Each stop for the event will follow a specific programme: in the morning, the workshop for primary school children; then an afternoon dedicated to adults, with a workshop on the possible educational applications of the Internetopoli app and a panel addressed to teachers and parents. The central theme of the panel will be children's relationship with digital technology, whether in play or as a teaching tool. Each stop will feature a guest with a 'keynote speech' on the relationship between digital technology, younger generations and school.

In Udine, special guests confirmed for participation in the panel include: Simone Puksic (President, Insiel S.p.A.) with a keynote speech on "Digital is our future; the boys and girls of today are already the authors of change", Oriana Cok (Thinker, manager and entrepreneur, Gruppo Pragma and Intoote, in Area Science Park in Trieste) with "Building bridges and tearing down walls: the theory of currents and communicating vessels for reducing the digital divide"; and Giacomo Trevisan (M.E.C. Association); with "Cyberbullying and online risk behaviours: strategies for prevention and intervention on a regional scale".
Ersilia Menesini of the department of Education Science of the University of Florence and Giuseppe Augiero, security expert of the CNR of Pisa, will always be present as regular guests.

The 'Roadshow' will conclude on 18 May with a final event in Pisa at the CNR's Research department.


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