On 29 April 2016 the “Italian” Internet celebrated its thirty years old: our country, through the Institute Cnuce of the Italian National Research Country (CNR), connected, for the first time (exactly on 30 April 1986), with the United States thirty years ago. On the occasion of this celebration, last 29 April, in the CNR campus of Pisa, a unique event was held, in the presence of pioneers (who materially connected Italy with the other part of the world), new leading figures of the Internet of the future and many other protagonists of the Net.

The event had a great media success with a full TV live recording and many other live recordings with the most famous TV programs of the RAI TV show schedule. The CNR press reviews were also very rich, but the most significant data dealt with the Web: more than 500 articles on 30 April and almost the same amount on 29 Aprile. The Net talked very much of itself!