Why and how was the Internet created? What are domain names? These are other questions will be answered in the new stories told by Leo Ortolani, creator of Rat man, in the special Internet edition of “Misterius,” one of his cult creations, and by Federico Bertolucci in “Avanti tutta!”. Their comic strips take us on a new and fun journey in search of Internet identities and the many names that revolve around the digital universe.

To frame this unusual way of illustrating domain names and the Internet, “The Internet Issue” has been created by CNR Edizioni, a new offshoot of its Comics&Science collection, produced in collaboration with the CNR’s Istituto di Informatica e Telematica of Pisa and the .it Registry. The drawings and cartoons provide an ironic and unusual explanation of IT terms and the way the Internet works, notions that are usually difficult and complicated both to explain and to understand.

This special issue contains more than comic strips. The admirable and unmistakable style of the authors are backed up by contributions from researchers and experts such as Domenico Laforenza, director of the CNR’s Istituto di Informatica e Telematica in Pisa, and of the .it Registry, and Maurizio Martinelli, in charge of CNR-IIT’s Systems and Technology Development Unit. Also present are the views of illustrious guests such as Paolo Attivissimo, Italian “debunker” par excellence and investigator into Internet “hoaxes”, and Marco Cattaneo, director of “Le Scienze”.

“We have chosen to collaborate with Comics&Science and create a comic book that can help to spread the Internet culture in a fun, simple and attractive way, especially among younger generations”, Domenico Laforenza commented. “The .it Registry has been seeking to achieve this goal for years now, participating in events and communication and marketing actions with messages designed to raise awareness about the use of the Internet and of .it domain names, the latter as a means of reinforcing one’s digital identity, being a symbol of the Made in Italy brand in the Internet universe”.

During the Internet Festival (Pisa, 6-9 October 2016) there will be a display of  boards produced by the cartoonists with stories of the Registry and the Internet. The drawings will be displayed at the Cinema Lumière (Lungarno Mediceo, Pisa), the headquarters of the .it Registry, and venue of Internet Festival 2016, where all the events organised for the event will be staged.

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