From 20 September 2018 all Italian schools of all types and levels of public and private can register their edu.it domain name.

As it is known, Agid has established that the SLD (acronym for Second Level Domain) gov.it is intended only for central administrations of the State (number 36 of 12 February 2018) and that the Italian public and private schools will be able to register their domain name in the new SLD edu.it (Circular letter of Miur prot 0000544 of March 9, 2018).

The technical implementation of the new SLD edu.it has been entrusted to the .it Registry and all the information for registration, the Regulation and the Technical Guidelines are available in the new dedicated section of the Registry site.

To encourage as much as possible the migration of all the names registered by the schools from gov.it to edu.it. for the duration of one year (from 20 September 2018 to 19 October 2019) the domain names of the schools that had already registered their name with the extension gov.it were reserved in the SLD edu.it.

With timely registration, you can keep the same third level of the name (e.g. liceomanzoni.gov.it can become liceomanzoni.edu.it). From 20 October 2019 the names not yet registered will be available again and will be assigned according to the chronological order of arrival of the requests.

From 20 September 2018 to 19 September 2019 the .it Registry will NOT charge the Registrar for the cost of registering edu.it domain names.



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