Digitaly is a campaign dedicated to familiarizing small- and medium-sized business to the digital world. CNA, Italy's national confederation of artisans, founded the project in cooperation with Amazon, Google, Registro.it and the advertising agency Seat Pagine Gialle. More than 200 companies participated in the campaign's launch on 14 April in Ravenna.

To date eight meetings have taken place in CNA regional headquarters in Marotta (Pesaro-Urbino province), Florence, Cremona, Rieti, Pistoia, Catania, Cagliari and Lucca. 

The CNA's statistics underscore the project's success: more than 800 businesses have participated in various events; 1,200 business-to-business meetings; more than 50 roundtable talks among businesses; and thousands of views of the website and its online educational resources.
The next event is 9 September in Brescia. It's the first of 15 events already scheduled throughout the country, from Veneto to Sicily with many dates in central Italy.

More information at www.digitalyimprese.it