If you already have a .it domain name in this section you can find information about the editing operations you can perform.

Notice! In order to change a .it  domain name it is necessary to have the authinfo code, which the Registrar gives to the Registrant at the time of registration.

You have to contact a Registrar for:

  • Change the Registrar, the Registrant, or both.
  • Change the Registrant data.
  • Cancel a domain name.

Find Registrars freccia

You have to contact Registro .it for:

Register a reserved domain name

Not all domain names can be freely registered. There exist reserved domains, assignable only to particular subjects.

Reserved domains

Some dot it domain names are reserved and cannot be assigned to any Registrant:

  • names corresponding to Italian regions, provinces and municipalities (e.g. toscana.it, pisa.it, viareggio.lucca.it);
  • names corresponding to certain network services or resources (e.g. www.it, internet.it, mail.it), These domain names cannot even be assigned under the "predefined geographical organization";
  • names corresponding to "unsponsored" ICANN gTLDs (e.g. com, .net, .info, .name).

Domain names that do not match the official name of a local government body may be registered freely in the same way as with a second-level domain (e.g. cnr.it, governo.it, fiat.it).
Domains that identify Italy as a nation can only be assigned to Italian government agencies.

Notice: Domain names that do not match the official name of a local government body may be registered freely

Domain names that correspond to the gTLDs "sponsored" by ICANN (e.g. .edu, .gov) can only be assigned as second-level domains (e.g. gov.it) for entities that are recognized by the Italian Registry as "competent organs of the state".

To register this type of domain names send a paper application completing the following form:

Change of Registrant data (Information to be used if the Registrar fails to respond)

The Registrant may only request directly to Registro the modification or integration of some of its data in the Registro Database if the Registrar does not reply to the request

It is advisable to have the modification made by the Registrar, who can update the data both in their own archives and in the Registro .it database, thereby aligning the information so as to make the carrying out of any subsequent operations on the domain name itself easier. 

The subject who is the assignee of the domain name can in no way be changed. 


The request must be sent only in the Italian version. The English version is available only for a better comprehension of the document.

  • Change of Registrant data for natural person scarica
  • Change of Registrant data for subjects other than natural persons scarica
  • Requests for changes may be sent to the Registry:

    • Via fax at +39 050 54 24 20, with a single multipage transmission containing all the necessary documents
    • email: info@registro.it
    • certified e-mail: registro@pec.nic.it

    By mail or courier to:

    Registro  .it

    Istituto di Informatica e Telematica del CNR

    Via G. Moruzzi, 1

    I-56124 PISA

    Challenge procedure

    When the assignment of a domain is the subject of dispute between one or more parties who claim the right to it, Registro .it provides its users with a specific tool: the challenge procedure. This "freezes" the allocation of the domain until the dispute has been resolved.

    Document access

    It is possible to check the documents related to the registration, maintenance and challenge of a specific domain .it.

    Registration of a domain name following a challenge and/or reassignment

    The opening of the opposition does not allow automatic possession of the domain already registered by another party but enables access to two procedures - alternatives to appealing to the judiciary - for the resolution of the dispute: informal arbitration and reallocation procedure.

    Verification of subjective requirements that led, in due course, to the assignment

    The procedure is described in the Regulations of assignment and management of .it domain namesscarica

    In order to request verification of subjective requirements it is necessary to compile and send to the Registro.it a specific paper request (the request must be sent only in the Italian version.):

    See also
    How can I recover the Authinfo if I lose it?
    To recover the Authinfo, make a request directly to the Registrar. If the Registrar cannot be found or will not provide it, a Registrant can contact the Registry.
    Assignment and management of domain names
    Assignment and management of domain names in the ccTDL.it- Regulations Version 7.1
    Management of synchronous operations on domain names
    Management of synchronous operations on domain names of the ccTLD.it - Guidelines Version 2.2
    In the "Legal" page you can find detailed information on the procedures that can be opened to resolve a dispute for the assignment of a domain name.