16.05.2022 |

In 2021, the new .it names related to the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector were more than 12 thousand: these are the latest data analysed by the “Permanent Observatory ICT In the Net” of the Registro .it, which aims to scan the spread of the various sectors belonging to the ICT on the Internet. From the Observatory's study, another important finding - which once again underlines the opportunities of the Net seized by the entrepreneurial world - concerns the exponential growth in five years (+150%) of online companies with .it names, again related to the ICT sector.
The analysis shows a clear prevalence of new sites related to Telecommunications and Computer Science (90.92%), followed by those related to Commerce and Repair (5.64%) and News and Blogs (2.63%). The Observatory, in fact, carefully analyses ICT macro-areas, each of which represents a different classification category:
- wholesale trade and repair of equipment including computers, peripherals and communications equipment;
- manufacture of electronic components and boards, computers and peripheral units, audio and video consumer electronics products, and magnetic and optical media;
- news, information and blogs; finally, telecommunications and information technology, considering within this category software production, IT consultancy and other related activities, such as web search portals, data processing and hosting.
In the first four months of 2022, the trend analysed by the ICT Observatory is confirmed by the almost 133,000 .it websites in the ICT area. And once again, the Telecommunications and Computer Science section accounts for 70.7%.  
As of 30 April 2022, there were exactly 5,347 .it websites, again registered in the ICT sector, although compared to the same four-month period in 2021 (with 6,919 .it registered), there was a 22.72% drop in registrations.