23.03.2022 |
The combination of food and digital technology has resulted in a total of more than 101,000 .it names registered to date.
Almost 4,000 were registered in 2021: these are the latest figures from Registro .it, which in 2016, in collaboration with the Department of Informatics of the University of Pisa and Infocamere, set up FINe (Food in the Net Observatory), a permanent observatory created to monitor the state of the agri-food sector on the Net, to analyse the spread of the various branches belonging to the sector on the Web and their distribution at a geographical level.
Since the beginning of 2022, 4,680 new sites have been registered in the agri-food sector, which is more than the number for the whole 2021. More generally, since the start of monitoring in 2016, an increase of 8.4% - net of cancellations in the years in question - was detected, namely the creation of approximately 8 thousand .it names relating to the sector.