24.06.2021 | Canali social Registro .it

The fifth 2021 web talk of Piccole Medie Digitali, the free web talks by Registro .it dedicated to the opportunities of the digital world for businesses and professionals, is focused on the new possibilities that the future holds for tourism. 

In the video, Enrico Pagliarini, journalist and host of Radio24, interviews:

  • Marco Allegri - Founder and author of "Non Solo Turisti"
  • Gianni Buonsante – Owner & CEO of "Ingenia Direct"
  • Mirko Lalli – Founder & CEO of "The Data Appeal Company"
  • Valeria Pasetto – Owner of the Farmhouse "Azienda Agricola e Agrituristica Cà Versa"
  • Silvia Salmeri – Founder of "Destinazione Umana"
  • Andrea Zuanetti – Co-founder & CEO of "Up2You"

This web talk shows how tourism is increasingly oriented towards two distinct but interlinked drivers: sustainability and digital.

In tourism as well, everything starts from data, which today play a central role in the perspective of a so-called "holistic view", useful for decision-makers to understand what is happening.

Sustainability is one of the changes currently underway. There is a growing trend towards eco-friendly accommodation. Many existing structures have embraced this change and are adapting, not only in Italy but also abroad. It all converges towards one great direction: the desire, for those who travel, to live experiences. This is defined as "inspirational tourism", where travel becomes a source of inspiration and unique experiences. This also includes the role of institutions. The UNWTO, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, has a whole programme on sustainable destinations and a series of protocols to help identify a place or facility as truly sustainable.

This also involves communication, especially digital communication: if a business does not exist online, it is almost as if it did not exist, which is why the website and social media play a key role in this sector too.

The website is, again, the first touchpoint for the user who wants to travel and search for a dream destination. The site should be supported by social media, on which all the major players in the sector promote their offers and the most beneficial solutions for their customers.

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