09.10.2021 | Pisa - MACC Camera di Commercio - Sala Ricci

Saturday 9 October – 4.45 p.m.

“Nabbovaldo and the cyber blackmail”, learning through videogames

Can a topic as important as computer security be turned into a video game for children? This is the path chosen by the Ludoteca by Registro .it to teach computer terms, basic notions of cybersecurity and wise and correct behaviour in an ironic and unusual way, entrusting a video game with the task of making notions that are usually difficult and complicated to explain and understand entertaining. The aim of the project is to contribute - in an amusing, simple and captivating way - to the dissemination of Internet culture, particularly among the younger generations.

Moderator Mr. Andrea Plazzi, Editor and Cartoonist. Founder of Comics&Science


  • Mr. Cristiano Convertino, Project Manager and Development Manager - Grifo multimedia Srl
  • Mrs. Stefania Fabbri, Deputy manager of External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing Unit of Registro .it
  • Mr. Gabriele Peddes, Cartoonist and illustrator of “Nabbovaldo and the seasons in Internetopolis”, “Nabbovaldo versus the zombie laptops”, and the video game “Nabbovaldo and the cyber blackmail”.
  • Mr. Matteo Uggeri – Gamification & eLearning Expert  

It will be possible to participate in the event both in presence (Covid-19 Green Certificate is required and booking is recommended) and in streaming on the social channels of the Internet Festival and of the Ludoteca by Registro .it.

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