10.05.2019 | Bologna, Liceo scientifico Copernico - Via Ferruccio Garavaglia 11

The annual event that gathers teachers and educators who are MEMBERS of the two communities “Virtual Educators” and “Teachers 2.0” resulted in the creation of the meeting “Virtual Educators & Teachers 2.0”, which is now at its 7th edition. This event provides an opportunity to discuss key issues related to education, innovative teaching methods and the use of new IT technologies for teaching purposes.

The 'Ludoteca del Registro .it' will be part of the 7th meeting of “Virtual Educators & Teachers 2.0” with a seminar on cyber security laboratories held by Beatrice Lami.

Workshops and seminaries will start on Friday, 10 May and they will involve the participation of experts and educators who will share their knowledge and expertise with participants, thus, giving the latter the chance to personally try innovative educational activities.

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Free entry with compulsory subscription.


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