We inform you that, as of 20 September 2019:

  • the domain names of the schools that previously had an extension gov.it and that had been reserved in the SLD edu.it for a period of one year, will be available again and will be assigned according to the chronological order of arrival of the requests;
  • domain names with edu.it extension will no longer be available to Registrars free of charge, but subject to the same registration and maintenance fees as .it domain names.

All Italian schools of all types and levels of public and private can register their domain name edu.it

As it is known, Agid has established that the SLD (acronym for Second Level Domain) gov.it is intended only for central administrations of the
State (number 36 of 12 February 2018)  and that the Italian public and private schools will be able to register their domain name in the new SLD edu.it (Circular letter of Miur prot 0000544 of March 9, 2018).

Registering the name and publisher of your school is simple:

  • check on the Whois database if the name you have chosen is available
  • find a Registrar in the List that will directly register your domain. Registrars authorized to register domains edu.it are identified by this logo
  • before contacting the Registrar, make sure you have a disposition the mechanic code and all the identification data of your school and its Legal Representative Register your edu.it

To find out more, consult the Regulations on the assignment and management of second level domain names (SLD) edu.it, and the related Technical Guidelines.

Some important rules

  • domain name edu.it may consist of only letters from "a" to "z", numbers from 0 to 9 and the symbol "-" (dash). It must not start and end with the "-" symbol (dash) or start with the "xn--" character sequence
  • a domain registered directly under the SLD edu.it can be composed of a minimum of 3 characters up to a maximum of 63 for each part of a domain name for a maximum total length of 255 characters
  • a name edu.it may contain accented letters and non-Latin characters (in technical jargon this type of name is defined as Internationalized Domain Names - IDN link to what are IDNs)
  • a domain name edu.it cannot be reserved

Reserved domains

Not all edu.it domain names can be freely registered. In addition to the reserved domain names in the .it, referred to in Article 3.4.2 "Domain names corresponding to Italy" and to Appendix D of the "Regulations for the assignment and management of domain names in the ccTLD .it", consider the following domain names as reserved and possibly assignable only to Italian institutional bodies:

  • direzioneregionale.edu.it
  • istruzione.edu.it
  • ministero.edu.it
  • miur.edu.it
  • provveditorato.edu.it
  • ricerca.edu.it
  • ufficioscolasticoprovinciale.edu.it
  • ufficioscolasticoregionale.edu.it
  • universita.edu.it
  • universitaericerca.edu.it
  • universit√†.edu.it
  • universit√†ericerca.edu.it
  • urp.edu.it
  • usp.edu.it
  • usr.edu.it
  • ust.edu.it
  • www.edu.it

Legal Aspects

The assignment of an edu.it domain can be the subject of a dispute between one or more subjects claiming the right.

The .it Registry does not take part in the resolution of the dispute, but makes available to users a specific tool: the opposition procedure.
The opening of an opposition "freezes" the assignment of the domain until the resolution of the dispute and allows the promoter to exercise a right of first refusal on any new assignment.
To start an opposition it is necessary to send to the Registry a written request with the generality of the sender, the domain name object of the opposition, the motivations and the rights that are presumed injured.
Users have indicative models available to facilitate the completion of the request:

  • Submission of opposition (subjects other than a natural person) .pdf

The opposition must be renewed by registered mail every 180 days, unless there is a judgment, an arbitration or a reassignment procedure in progress:

  • Opposition renewal (subjects other than a natural person) .pdf

The renewal request can not be repeated more than twice.
The opening of the opposition does not allow automatically obtaining the domain already registered by another person, but provides for recourse to the judiciary for the resolution of the dispute.


The policy of the .it Registry on the advertising of data follows the technical regulations dictated by international organizations for the Internet sector, the Italian and European legislation on personal data protection and the practices adopted by other Registries.

Download the document "The policy of the .it Registry on the Whois database" (pdf).

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