Episode 9 - Blockchain for the supply chain

The ninth episode of Digital Tomorrow deals with a topical issue that is still unclear to many, namely Blockchain and the opportunities that this tool can offer to SMEs. Mr. Pepe Moder talks about it with Mr. Paolo Mori, researcher at the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the CNR in Pisa and head of the Trust, Security and Privacy research unit, and with Mr. Matteo Fratini, CEO of the oil mill I Potti de Fratini, which produces a high quality oil in Umbria.

What is the blockchain used for and who can use it? A classic example is Bitcoin, which the uninitiated see as a means of making money by exploiting its fluctuations over time. This misunderstanding stems from the fact that Bitcoin does not rely on a centralised system that manages the entire system, like a bank does. In fact, this lack of centralisation is its strength, because it allows individual users to be the main actors in the activity. Today, blockchain is a technology that can also be applied to SMEs because it is mature and affordable.

How can blockchain be used and benefited in Italy? In Italy, a great application can be found in the valorisation of Italian products. From wine and oil to luxury goods such as jewellery and high fashion, thanks to the blockchain system it is possible to enhance these products by certifying certain characteristics that can convince customers to choose them despite their high price. Not only that. The blockchain offers a strong contribution to the supply chain to record the origin of the materials used in production systems and the characteristics of the production process, such as the quality of the product, but also certify the sustainability of the system itself, giving the consumer the possibility to verify the sustainability of the producer, knowing the origin of the materials and the sustainability of the production process.

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