Episode 10 – 5G: the benefits for SMES

This episode of "Digital Tomorrow" is dedicated to 5G; Pepe Moder discusses with Paolo Ravazzani, Director of the CNR's Institute of Electronics and Engineering of Innovation and Telecommunications, and with Nicola Ciulli, one of the founders and R&D manager of Nextworks, established in 2022, and working in the field of specialised consultancy in the TelCo and IT sector, and of IoT platforms [INSERIRE LINK A PUNTATA 3] for automation, control and audiovisual solutions in the smart building, residential and yachting sectors.

Pepe Moder investigates the change that 5G brings to the daily lives of not only people but also SMEs. Compared to the "other Gs", 5G has allowed us to move from a voice system to a voice and data exchange system. The real change from the past lies in the transmission mode: 5G allows extremely faster data sharing, with the possibility of serving many more users at the same time. For this reason, 5G can do great things for industrial processes, for companies and for people: for example, large, medium and small companies can benefit from 5G because they can implement services that were impossible with the "other Gs". For example, immediate intervention, faster data analysis and real-time control of infrastructure. This technology opens up a huge panorama for companies compared to the past, but also for the public administration, which can benefit by providing more real-time services.

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