Digital Kit -Digital Identity for independent professionals and freelancers

Each of us today has a digital identity made up of everything we do and write on the Web and of our reputation, that is, how others perceive us.

Building an identity that is solid and recognizable by everyone, with a positive and shared web reputation, is a long and complex process, but essential for those who are interested in promoting their business both online and offline. Suffice to say that 92% of people trust more the advice of other individuals - even strangers - rather than what companies are saying.

This Digital Kit explains the best practices for the creation of a good web reputation, starting from the choice of the domain name, followed by the choice of the target, the production of content and the choice of communication channels. The final analysis is dedicated to the most serious errors, those that can undermine a reputation.

If we work with intelligence and perseverance, building brand identity generates visibility, authoritativeness, distinctiveness and word of mouth, four factors that help companies strengthen the trust of their partners and create new business.

Enjoy the read!